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​                Seniors

*   Losing independence and control

*   Looking for ways to stay in their own home

*   Resolve conflict with other family members

*   Need help with bill paying, insurance form completion

*   Going to medical appointments alone

*   Just home from hospital and needs some help

 *   Estate planning attorneys - Encouraging seniors to plan

 *   Financial Planners -  Stepping in to help seniors plan for              their future

"Donna is a wealth of knowledge and is highly skilled with helping people take care of their aging loved ones."

Louise S.

Who Can Benefit From Using Aging Life Guides?

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​              Families

*  Dealing with sudden crisis

*  Trying to help their senior adjust to change

*   Families who are long distance caregivers

*   Challenges of keeping their senior home

*   Families in conflict -  Needing an advocate

*   Time for placement in assisted living or healthcare center


​*   Hospital discharge planners - assisting with discharge

*   Eldercare Lawyers - helping their senior clients


Our mission is to help seniors and their ​families make informed decisions
​that meet their individual needs to help maintain a high ​quality of life.

A​ging Life Guides purpose is to assist families in times of crisis, to solve immediate needs and

to form strategies to avert further situations with a care plan in place.  Aging Life Guides

main concern is always the safety and dignity of our clients.