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Keeping in Touch with our Seniors

Monday September 17, 2018​

With this past weekend's Hurricane Florence coming ashore on the east coast, that was

all anyone was talking about.  The reports were all over the news and even had extended

news coverage.  When there is a big weather event happening we have to remember that

sometimes our elders do not perceive it the same way everyone else does.  An example of

this would be the situation I had with a client this previous week.  She called me last

Monday morning in tears about the coming storm. She couldn't reach me so she thought

I was out buying water and supplies to be prepared for the coming storm.  Now I live on the

east coast but not in Hurricane Florence's path.  The storm was not due to come on shore

until Friday or Saturday and this was only Monday. I called her back and was just so shocked

she was so upset.  I was not out buying emergency supplies I was with another client. 

I tried to reassure her and then called her throughout the week to make sure she was alright. 

I think that all the news coverage that was on about the storm and the newspapers had

her upset.  She was watching TV and reading the paper. I think we have to remember to check

in on our seniors to make sure they are not over concerned about weather conditions. 

I wasn't the least bit concerned but my client was very upset.  This is just a reminder to

check in and make sure our elders are not being concerned about weather or other

news items.  Unfortunately when they live alone a lot of times, they can turn a

situation that should not be a concern into a major scare for them.