Aging Life Guides offers a extensive list of services to promote

the health and safety of our seniors and their families.​

We can provide as few or as many services that a client may need.

                          PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 

                                    *  Initial consultation

                              *  Individualized assessment

                              *  Hospital discharge coordination

​                              *  Detailed care plan

                              *   Management of home-based services

                              *   Attend appointments with clients

                              *   Referrals to accredited providers

                              *   Assist with bill paying, insurance form

​                                  completion and medicaid application

                              *   Long distance liaison for families



​                           FINDING FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITIES   

    Aging Life Guides will guide families through the financial programs and

assist them applying for Medicaid and VA benefit as well as local and

community based program.  If the need for a professional is necessary

we can help families connect with an appropriate Eldercare Lawyer,  Estate

Lawyer or Financial Planner.


                            PLACEMENT IN A FACILITY

When the time comes that placement in a healthcare facility is necessary,

Aging Life Guide can lead you through the process. We do a thorough 

evaluation to see what are the senior's needs, review their financial 

situation and assist the family with tours, and helping evaluate their







eldercare Advisor

Guidance for older adults and their families

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