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“When I realized my 93 year-old mother required more care than we could provide in our home setting. I was very fortunate to discover a valuable resource in Donna Harrity. Her invaluable experience in this area provided reputable options available to us. Without Donna, I would not have known which way to turn. Donna has sensitivity and special understanding for this type of delicate situation. Best of all, thanks to Donna, my mother is in an excellent care facility that meets the challenges of her aging process. My mother feels safe and well cared for, and she has adapted to her changed living environment in a positive manner. I honestly do not think we would have had such a good end result without Donna Harrity’s guidance.”

– Carol B.


“While life events cause havoc in your life, having someone to help and walk you through the process of educated choices is a blessing. Donna Harrity helped us untangle the problems, and know we were making the best decision for our lives.”

– Carol C


What People Are Saying About Us

Donna Harrity knows what she is doing. She is extremely ready and capable to help her clients.  Donna is also competent, diligent and very attentive to her client's problems and concerns. She is one of the best!  I call her the "Eldercare Whiz!"

-Reverend Bev

“I recall your valuable insights and loving care while my mother lived in the facility where you worked for years. The many times that I consulted you, I felt that you not only heard my concerns, but felt the pain that we were experiencing as we looked at all possibilities. Your prompt response to some unanticipated problems caused by my mother’s illness was greatly appreciated. I recall your attentiveness to her particular needs. Your bright cheery smile, your welcoming arms and the tears you shed with me, have made an imprint that will remain in my heart.”

– Peggy R.


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